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Jan Paul van Vliet
Jan Paul van Vliet
When I reflect on my professional life, the most energetic and impactful moments were those where I was able to help companies to truly unleash the potential of their people. Putting people’s strengths to use is a guiding principle in my work and is something that I am good at and love doing. With my background as an organizational sociologist I profoundly believe in the importance of openness and transparency in working environments. My background in business economics helps me to never lose sight on the bottom line impact that I am realizing for my customers. It all drills down to bridging the gap between engagement and performance.

Pieter van Oijen
Pieter van Oijen
I thrive on being in an environment where things move and progress is made towards exciting goals. I have a passion for results and I am good at bringing clarity in complicated matters. From 2005-2018, I worked for Randstad in various senior roles. During the last 4 years, I have been shaping and supporting the global deployment of continuous improvement and customer-centricity within the head-office and back-office functions. I also work for the Amsterdam Business School and the Rotterdam School of Management. My energy level rises when I can support others in being successful.

Martine Zom
Martine Zom
My personal aim is to connect people, environments and technology to deliver an exceptional employee experience. I am always looking for additional impact beyond the topic of intranet environments and digital workplaces. I speed up processes via a direct communication style, separating main and side issues while building relationships. I strongly believe that an employee-centric mindset will create a company culture that turns employees into a company’s greatest assets.

Jeroen Pronk
Jeroen Pronk
My goal is to empower others. As a strong believer in transparency, I see open goalsetting as the foundation for collaboration. We need to engage above and beyond ourselves and our peers. Engage across generations and borders to unlock the human potential. Looking forward to meet you. Let's set some goals.

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