We Know about

People performance


Our Vision

Many companies are transforming themselves into customer-centric organizations where customer value delivery is at the heart of the company’s strategy and goals. Ultimately, the key success factor in these transformations is the employee. Goal realization, performance, improvement, innovation and customer value are all delivered through employees, not through systems and tools.

The winners of tomorrow are those organizations that get this right and that are able to create workforces that consist of engaged and activated employees. The winners of tomorrow are those that are both customer-centric and employee-centric.

Our Mission

We create organizations where engaged workforces deliver high performance and key results. Where employees are motivated, empowered and activated with a value adding mindset. Where everyone in the organization works on the realization of exciting goals and feels comfortable and supported to do so. Where success, small and large, is visible and collectively celebrated. And where leadership knows that the organization is continuously improving customer value delivery and that strategy is put into action.

What we do

Objeqts supports organizations in bringing their employees from being highly engaged to highly performing, connecting employees to company strategy and customer value.

Together with senior leadership and management, we create alignment between the goals and targets of employees and the purpose (mission, vision) and strategy of the organization. Using OKR as a powerful framework, we implement and embed goal-realization in the organization for sustainable results. We train and coach teams and employees in the use of OKRs and support in the implementation of OKRs tooling. In addition, we help clients to design and develop online platforms that provide daily insights to employees and that generate activation and collaboration.

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