Connecting employees to
customer value creation

Truly successful are those companies where employees embrace the company’s strategy and objectives,
and where they align themselves to the valuable outcome of a set of common objectives.

Objeqts boosts the performance of organizations by connecting employees to
company strategy and customer value.

Goal realization with
OKR for maximal impact

OKRs create focus and help prioritize. They align people within teams and teams within organizations.
OKR ensures that all efforts are always focused on the same, overarching objective.

OKR is a framework for managing success that connects people to strategy and customer value.

Daily digital
insights, activation and collaboration

Our clients want to reach all their employees anywhere, anytime with relevant content.
A sustainable digital approach ensures the widest reach across all online channels.

We create online platforms employees love to use, because strategy, objectives,
challenges and results are put into one compelling digital experience.

Connecting employees to customer
value creation

For real impact on customer value, employees need to grow from highly engaged to highly performing. Employees should be connected to company strategy and objectives in their daily work. Everyone in the organization should know how to contribute and what to aim for. This line of sight on ‘progress made’ and ‘results achieved’, empowers employees to go above and beyond their regular performance. That is the key to improve the main outcome: customer value.

Together with our clients, we transform organizations. We support leadership and management in translating the overall strategy and objectives into aligned goals and targets for the employees. Using OKR as a powerful framework, we implement and embed goal-realization in the organization for sustainable results.

The strategy comes to life through engaged and activated employees who deliver high performance and key results. If needed we design the online platform to provide insight in progress and performance, to collaborate and share the results.

Schematic representation how to deliver maximum customer value by knowledge

What Objeqts commits to

Aligning people to Strategy & Customer Value

Most employees are intrinsically motivated to do well in their jobs. They feel committed to the company they work for and are eager to contribute to the realization of the overall objectives and goals of the organization that they belong to.

The problem is that in the eyes of many employees, the overall strategy and objectives of the company is something that is too remote from their daily jobs. They often fail to see how their daily activities and efforts contribute to the realization of the overall company objectives and how it leads to customer value delivery.

We help companies to create alignment so that employees understand what the company is aiming for and how they can contribute themselves. Together with leadership and management, we translate overall strategy and objectives into aligned goals and targets for the employees. Where we ensure that employees understand how they can contribute and that they feel relevant for strategy realization, customer value delivery and company success.

OKR - Framework for managing success

Objeqts specializes in OKRs as the connecting Performance Management framework for achieving goals and realizing meaningful outcomes of work. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. Exponentially growing companies like Google, Facebook, Intel and LinkedIn state that they owe a considerable part of their success to OKR.

OKR is all about creating an value adding mindset within the organization and therefore OKR contributes significantly to a high performance management culture and ensures focus, alignment and engagement throughout the organization.

Objeqts helps organizations in an effective introduction and implementation of this powerful methodology. We help to connect the goals to the purpose (mission, vision) and strategy of the organization. We train and coach teams and employees in the use of OKRs and support in the implementation of OKRs tooling.

Insights, activation and collaboration

All our clients have intranets, dashboards, digital workplaces or other online platforms to engage their employees. We combine these online channels into a new compelling digital experience. To design such an experience we use two guiding principles: ‘digital first’ and ‘minimalism’.

Digital first implies that online channels are the main channels where all other channels point to. Minimalism comes from our experience that strategy can easily become buried under content. We have learned how to simplify and visualize strategy alignment and create step-by-step online employee experiences.

Our solutions for daily digital insights, activation and collaboration are lightweight. We utilize the platforms that our clients already have. If additional solutions are needed we help our clients to capture requirements and source or develop the optimal point solution.

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